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The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers is an opportunity to engage with a physical space that offers teaching opportunities around the legacy of slavery and its particular impacts at the University of Virginia. Educator guides can be downloaded to provide an orientation to the Memorial and suggested activities for each age group.

High School
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Middle School
Elementary School


The MEL Educator Guides were created by the following team of educators: 

Elementary Module
Student Developers: Sophia Applegate and Maelee Hearington
Collaborating Educators: Zoe Padron, Luella Anderson, Deborah Johnson, and Bria Williams 

Middle School Module
Student Developers: Veronica Ramsey and Makiah Burroughs
Collaborating Educators: Jessica Harris and Brendan Martin

High School Module 
Student Developers: Sabrina Shisby, Eric Guilfoyle, and Jacob Beckham Collaborating Educators: Zoe Padron and Anne Ernst 

Project Coordinators and Editors 
John Comazzi, Alexis Mason, Jessica M. Harris, and Kellen Renner-Thomas 

Special Thanks 
Dr. Louis Nelson, the Descendants of Enslaved Communities at UVA, and the MEL Community Engagement Committee